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Cathy Gilchrist-Colmar specializes in luxury equestrian properties in the exclusive community of Rancho Santa Fe in San Diego County. A love of riding horses brought Cathy to the Rancho Santa Fe area over 28 years ago and she quickly combined her equestrian and real estate expertise…

  • Office : 858.756.1150
  • Mobile : 858.775.6511


Julie Pierce is a licensed Rancho Santa Fe real estate agent specializing in luxury properties in San Diego County. Involved in the real estate industry for more than 24 years, most of which have been in Rancho Santa Fe, Julie Pierce became a licensed agent…

  • Office : 858.756.1150
  • Mobile : 858.382.6728


With 10+ years of expertise, Rancho Santa Fe real estate agent, Kathleen Gelcich is happy to be back in San Diego County. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Kathleen has enjoyed being a Southern California resident since 1993. She graduated from San Diego State University with a…

  • Mobile : 858.342.4214
Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate Agent


Offering over 14 years of real estate experience, Rancho Santa Fe real estate agent Jennifer Benshoof started her business in the competitive luxury market of Orange County before moving to Encinitas in 2009 with her husband and three children. Her background in nursing helps her…

  • Office : 858.756.1150
  • Mobile : 949.584.5299


Rancho Santa Fe real estate agent Lisa Schoelen has over 12 years of experience as a real estate agent. A long time Southern California resident, Lisa grew up in Toluca Lake California where she developed a deep love for family and horses. As a young…

  • Mobile : 858.414.3241